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All-in-one transcription platform.

Transform videos and audio into precise text with TranscribeTube. Capture every moment in readable format, with swift transcriptions and seamless translations.
No Limits for Video Lenghts
AI Powered Transcription
Support 95 Languages
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Transcription accuracy that speaks for Itself
with power of AI.

Reliable AI-driven results with precision, minimizing the need for manual edits. Focus on your content, not corrections.
Lowest Word Error Rate, Highest Accuracy
Least Bias for Gender and Ethnic accents
Delivers the most readable transcripts

Best-in-class Accuracy

%96 TranscribeTube
%74 OpenAI Whisper
%66 Youtube Transcription
* Based on the tests we conducted, these are the transcription results.
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Swift summarizations, spot-on insights.

Instantly summarize long videos and pinpoint the highlights. Save time, focus on what matters, and amplify your content's impact.
Summarize video in text format
Watch users in-the-wild
Compare user cohorts
Spot problems, pain points, bugs
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Export, translate, and globalize with a single click!

Seamlessly export transcriptions in SRT and text formats. Plus, unlock AI-powered translations across 95 languages, expanding your content's reach to a global audience.
Add captions to youtube videos for any language.
Learn what gets ignored
Analyze behavior pre- & post-launch
Compare desktop, tablet, and mobile

Great companies use TranscribeTube to speed and accuracy.

Unlocking YouTube's Potential: The Power of Video, Amplified in Text & AI

Hey there—

I'm Alex, the heartbeat behind TranscribeTube.

YouTube is a goldmine. A never-ending tapestry of ideas, stories, and emotions. It's the stage where creativity dances freely, capturing moments and messages from every corner of the globe. And in this ever-expanding universe, every video is a voice wanting to be heard.

But here's the twist.

While YouTube's galaxy expands, our time on this planet remains finite. We find ourselves sprinting against the relentless tide of content, trying to grasp its essence while balancing our ticking clocks. The beauty of a video is its depth, but the charm of a text? Its brevity.

That's why TranscribeTube came to life.

We imagined a world where videos aren't just seen, but also read. A world where content, irrespective of its format or language, finds a way into our lives and hearts. Where the richness of a lengthy video can be felt in a concise text, transcending boundaries, be it of time or tongue.

And so, using a blend of technology and passion, we've breathed life into this vision. For years, our AI-backed engine has been turning hours of YouTube videos into digestible textual gems. We're not just transcribing; we're transforming the essence of YouTube.

TranscribeTube isn't just a tool. It's our ode to content. Our way of ensuring that the soul of every video finds its echo, be it in words or subtitles, in English or Esperanto.

So, dive into the future of YouTube with us. Where every video is more than just visuals—it's a narrative waiting to be unfolded, with TranscribeTube.

Sending you this note from the world of words, video, and everything in between.

Data Protection & Privacy

Our priority has been the protection and safety of the data that our customers trust us with.
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The main objective of the GDPR is to strengthen individuals' control over their personal information and simplify regulations for international businesses. Here are some principles we've followed:
Be informed about how your data is being used
Access personal data
Stop or restrict the processing of your data
Used fairly, lawfully, and transparently
The Data Protection Act 2018 dictates how organizations, businesses, or the government handle and use your personal data.
Find out what data an organization has about you
How long it should take
When information can be withheld
The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) complement the Data Protection Act and the UK GDPR, providing individuals with distinct rights concerning electronic communications. It establishes specific guidelines on:
Marketing calls, emails, texts a,d faxes;
Cookies (and similar technologies);
Keeping communications services secure; and
Customer privacy as regards traffic and location data, itemized billing, line identification, and directory listings.

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