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All changes made since the launch of

September 2023

  • Feature Added: Introduced multi-language support. TranscribeTube now supports transcriptions in 10 additional languages.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the AI algorithm for increased accuracy in transcription results.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved a glitch causing delays in transcription for longer videos.

August 2023

  • Feature Added: Launched the "Summary Mode" allowing users to get condensed summaries of long YouTube videos.
  • Improvement: Revamped user dashboard for a smoother experience and easy navigation.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed discrepancies in time-stamps for certain video formats.

July 2023

  • Improvement: AI-training enhanced for understanding and transcribing various accents more accurately.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed a logout issue some users faced on the mobile version of the site.

June 2023

  • Feature Added: Introduced batch transcription allowing users to transcribe multiple videos at once.
  • Improvement: Increased speed of transcription by 15% for standard videos.

May 2023

  • Feature Added: Added an option to export transcriptions directly to Word and PDF formats.
  • Improvement: Streamlined the video upload process for quicker transcription initiation.

April 2023

  • Feature Added: Launched a beta version of the mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved the issue where certain subtitles were getting truncated.

March 2023

  • Improvement: Optimized website for faster loading times.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a rare bug causing mismatched subtitles for specific languages.

February 2023

  • Feature Added: Introduced a feedback loop allowing users to mark inaccuracies in transcriptions, further training the AI.
  • Improvement: UI improvements for better readability of transcribed text.

January 2023

  • Feature Added: Rolled out the “Favorites” section for users to save and access frequently transcribed videos.
  • Improvement: Improved responsiveness of the platform on tablets and mobile devices.

December 2022

  • Feature Added: Launched an API for developers to integrate TranscribeTube's services into third-party applications.
  • Improvement: Enhanced security protocols to ensure safer user data handling.

November 2022

  • Improvement: Updated the tutorial section with more comprehensive guides and FAQs.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved an error in the payment gateway causing transaction failures.

This changelog is a general overview of the types of updates a transcription service might have over a year. Adjustments can be made based on specific details and nuances of the brand or product.

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